EL DORADO BEACH RESORT's Rules and Guidelines are in place to protect and ensure an enjoyable visit and stay for all of our valued guests.

We like to show all our guests the beautiful flora we have. Please don’t pick any plants and/or flowers inside EL DORADO BEACH RESORT premises. But, you are always welcome to pick the plant and/or flowers you would like to take a photo and/or video of.

Walk-in guests are welcome from 7:00 am until 9:00pm. There is a CONSUMABLE ENTRANCE FEE of PHP 200.00 for each Walk-in guests. Sorry, No Entrance Fee Slip means No Service. We don’t allow the bringing of personal FOOD and/or DRINKS. On certain occasions, we have a CORKAGE FEE of PHP1,500.00 for a bottle of Wine or Champagne, PHP 500.00 for a Birthday Cake and starting PHP 3500.00 + depending on the size of the Lechon. **

There is a charge of PHP 10.00 per small take-out boxand PHP 30.00 per medium take out box which is only intended for FOOD LEFTOVERS. For PIZZA TAKE AWAY, there is a charge of PHP 20.00 per take-away box. The guests are advised to wait at the reception area. **

PARKING SPACE is subject to availability. **

For Check-In Guests, kindly inform the 24 HOUR RECEPTION if you are expecting visitor(s) as they are required to register with us. Visiting hours is up to 9:00 in the evening. If your visitor(s) wish to have an overnight stay with you, please inform us so that we could make the necessary room rate adjustmentsand/or room upgrade suggestions.

CHECK-IN TIME is at 2:00pm. Please have a little patience as our room attendants explain the facilities and functions of your room. CHECK-OUT TIME is a “flexible” 12 noon. Pleaselet us know in advance if a time change is necessary. Please have your accounts settled at least 2 hours before your check-out time.

Our FREE PICK UP POINTSonly include from and to Dumaguete Airport and/or Dumaguete Seaport with stopover at WHY NOT DUMAGUETE? towards EL DORADO BEACH RESORT. Special stops in between will be charged at PHP 100.00 per stop at only 15 minutes maximum time. This special stop depends on our beach resort’s driver time availability and if other guests agree. There is a chance that AIRPLANES AND SEA CRAFTS SCHEDULES arrive and depart with delays.

WE STRICTLY PROHIBIT SMOKING INSIDE ANY ROOM. Almost all rooms comes with an outdoor roofed terrace which is your nearest designated smoking area. Smoking is also not allowed in the Bellringer Lounge areas.

We take MASSAGE appointments at the RECEPTION with a required 1 to 2 hour prior notice depending on the treatment. Walked-in Guests have the privilege to use the Swimming Pool facilities upon booking any massage and/or body scrub only. This is non-transferrable to other walk-in guest(s). The Dive Shop guest(s), who use our swimming pool for class(es), have priority over all guest(s) at all times in terms of swimming pool use.

Our HOUSEKEEPING considers“room keys left with the Reception staff” as a sign that you wish to have your room cleaned. For instance, if you left your room unlocked or have your key with you, our room attendant(s) will not enter your room.

EL DORADO BEACH RESORT towels found on the floor in check-in rooms will be replaced upon room cleaning. Beach towels are also AVAILABLE FOR RENT for walk in guests at a charge of PHP 50.00 per towel.

Please NEVER FLUSH your wet tissue, tampon, condom, sanitary napkin, your hopes and dreams, phone bills and/or room bills down the toilet bowl. Please throw your trash in the provided garbage bin.

We employ a full-time SECURITY GUARD during the day and night. Nevertheless, we recommend that you keep your room door locked at all times. Make sure all valuables are placed inside the plastic providedand locked up securely in your safety box.

PETS ARE STRICTLY NOT PERMITTED. There is a chance, however, if the pet has a cage and/or bag and is comfortable to sleep by its owners’ room’s terrace.Please inquire with our pet friendly management.

LAUNDRY SERVICE is available through the Reception.Your laundry is usually ready by the next day. Washing of clothes in your room is strictly not allowed.

ROOM SERVICE on food and drinks include a 10% service charge.

IT IS BEST TO HAVE NO OPEN FOOD AND DRINKS INSIDE YOUR ROOM.If there is a mini bar in your room, we advise to place your open food and drinks inside it.Ants in this area have a very sensitive sense of smell and would love to visit you.

OurSWIMMING POOL requires strict use of proper bathing suits as any loose cotton fibres clog our delicate swimming pool filter system. We strongly recommend showering before for hygienic purposes. Important rule: strictly NO DRINKING and NO EATING by the swimming pool corners.Please monitor minors at all times when in or around the swimming pool area.

The POOL BAR is a 24 hour place in the beach resort. Quiet time has to start strictly from 10pm to 8am, kindly respect the privacy of our local neighbours and other resort guests.

This is the Philippines and we are a conservative but mostly curious folk. EL DORADO BEACH RESORT does not recommend topless and/or completely naked SUNBATHING in public areas.

To keep the peaceful ambiance, we don’t allow the use of any form of multimedia in any portable (music) devices such as radio and/or wireless Bluetooth speakers. We recommend that each guest use their own HEADPHONES OR HEADSETS to listen to their favourite personal music.

The BELLRINGER BAR and LOUNGE is a relaxing place to have a drink or small meal. Please give those who are reading in the area some stillness. We offer Teppanyaki, Japaneselive show cooking, at a minimum of 4 pax reservations here. Please reserve your seat and menu at least 1 day before with a Bellringer waitress and/or bartender.

Please change wet clothing and/or bathing suits and be completely dry when sitting on our pool area mattress(es) and/or the lounge cushion(s) and pillow(s).

We offer WIDE SCREEN MOVIES by the POOL AREA. Screening time starts at 7:00pm until 9:30pm. All guests are welcome to bring their own pictures, movies, films and/or short video clips to be viewed. To reserve your time slot simply inform the Pool bar staff with the title of your movie and room number. Logically, we don’t offer wide screen movies when it is raining.

There will be a gaming fee of PHP 50.00 for the billiard (BCA Rules on 8 Ball and Challenge Table), PHP 30.00 darts, PHP 30.00 table tennis, PHP 150.00 archery and PHP 200.00 for the open-air gym use (This is for walk-in guests only)

The BEACHSIDE RESTAURANT does not take any reservations. We prioritize all our dining tables to our Valued Check-in Guests. Walk in guest rule: First come, first serve.

There will be no reservations of BEACH CHAIRS, RESTNESTS, SUNBATHING CHAIRS, etc. by placing your personal towel and/or other belongings.

The WHITE SAND AREA found at the beach front, known as our “THE MINI BORACAY” is not a place for guests to eat and/or drink. It is also subject to the use for wedding ceremonies and other events.

By the beachfront, the SEA AREA is a public place for everyone. There is a Government sponsored marine sanctuary right in front called EL DORADO HOUSE REEF. It isinside the white buoys and is monitored by the BANTAY DAGAT COMMUNITY OF DAUIN.It is ILLEGAL to remove and/or damage any corals, shells, and/or fishes in this protected area and within a 20 meter radius. There are MUNICIPAL FEES to swim, to snorkel and to scuba dive in this area collected by the MUNICIPALITY OF DAUIN.

Our WILHELM TELL’S FUNCTION HALL is available to banquets, events, conferences and the like. It may cause slight inconvenience to our Valued Check-in guests staying in the Premium Rooms with Private Garden. We also apologize for any disturbances.

Our open-air GYM can be also used for private YOGA SESSIONS, dance practices, and the like. We only require a gym use fee of PHP 200.00 per usage.

Guests are not allowed in the MAINTENANCE and WORKSHOP areas.

Please DON’T FEED any dogs, cats, birds, other animals inside the premises. EL DORADO BEACH RESORT also does not approve of any harsh treatment to the beach resort’s pets such as guard dogs.

There is a PRAYER ROOM or SMALL CHAPEL outside El Dorado Beach Resort that is open from 8:00am until around 10:00pm. Please respect the surrounding neighbors by not making much noise.

EL DORADO BEACH RESORT has the right to escort-out and/or cancel any room reservation(s) or booking(s) of termed “Difficult” Guests. **

ALL Guests are FULLY RESPONSIBLE to pay for any FINES (including laundry fees, plumbing and/or cleaning fees such as swimming pool cleaning fee),LOSSES AND/OR DAMAGES to the beach resort properties caused by guests, their visitors, or their friends during their stay. EL DORADO BEACH RESORT will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged personal belongings of guest(s). Any occurred accidents within the beach resort premises are to the full responsibility and cost of the guest and/or guardian.El Dorado Beach Resort will not be held responsible for the health of guests who ignore the “to avoid food poisoning” instructions found on our take-out and/or take-away boxes.

We, the EL DORADO BEACH RESORTmanagement and team, try our best to keep our beach resort enjoyable and peaceful for all. We would love to have your compliance and assistance. Thank you for all your support and useful tips. We wish you a pleasant staywith us filled with fun and happy memories!