In the middle of El Dorado Beach Resort is our fantastic swimming pool area.

On one side is the Hotspot Poolbar Treffpunkt. Here you can get food, snacks, drinks and play games 24 hours a day! The pool bar never closes, so if you ever fancy a midnight snack, or an early morning meal, we are always happy to serve you.

Across the pool is the El Dorado Bellringer Bar and Lounge. It is a great place to meet with friends, review your dive, plan your next excursion or just chill.

Don’t forget the pool itself! Cool down with a nice refreshing dip. Our pool doubles as a Scuba Training Site as well!

Lounges and umbrella shades are also situated around the pool area and the aviary to watch our love birds do what love birds do best! So what are you waiting for? Come join us for all the fun under the sun!